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Teddiursa is an uncommon Normal-type Pokémon from Johto region. It can evolve into Ursaring when fed with 50 candies.

Pokédex description编辑

熊寶寶 - 小熊寶可夢

Possible attacks编辑

Fast attacks编辑

Icon Ghost
5 (10)
Icon Normal
6 (12)

Charged attacks编辑

Icon Fighting
50 (33)
Icon Dark
70 (22)
Icon Fairy
90 (31)

Evolution family编辑

熊寶寶 is the part of a two-member family. Select first member of Pokémon Family!



  • 熊寶寶 was released with the main release of Johto-region Pokémon on February 16th, 2017.
  • In the wild, maximum capture CP of 熊寶寶 is 12, however it can reach 13, if encountered Pokémon is boosted by current weather.
  • Since July 7th, 2017, 熊寶寶 can be hatched from -km Eggs with a 8 of maximal CP.

External links编辑

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