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Torkoal is a Fire-type region-exclusive Pokémon from the Hoenn region. It does not evolve into any other Pokémon. It is available only in the South Asian region.

Pokédex description

Torkoal - Coal Pokémon
Torkoal digs through mountains in search of coal. If it finds some, it fills hollow spaces on its shell with the coal and burns it. If it is attacked, this Pokémon spouts thick black smoke to beat a retreat.
Pokémon cry:
Torkoal cry

Possible attacks

Fast attacks

Icon Fire 10 (10)
Icon Fire 14 (13)

Charged attacks

Icon Ground
140 (39)
Icon Fire
160 (40)
Icon Grass
180 (37)

Evolution family

Torkoal is the part of a one-member family.

163. Torkoal
#324 Torkoal



External links

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