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Today View is a game element that allows to view all ongoing events and bonuses, daily streaks, obtained PokéCoins and Pokémon deployed in Gyms. [1]

Today View page

It is accessible from the Map View by tapping on Research tasks binoculars button, above the Nearby tab in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Today View page is a tab to the left from Field Research tasks tab and it includes several sections:

Timed Research
See: Research tasks → Timed Research

If there is a Timed Research ongoing in the game it is displayed at the top of the page.

However, completed Timed Research series are listed with Special Research series in their tab.

Today View Timed Research.png
Ongoing events
Main article: Events

There are displayed any game features and bonuses related to the events that are currently running in the game. It also shows the time left to the end of the specific event.

Today View Events.png
Pokémon in Gyms

The section displays how long Trainer's Pokémon have been defending Gyms, how much motivation have left and which Pokémon have returned that day with what amount of PokéCoins from Defender Bonus.

Today View Gyms.png
If there are Pokémon in Gyms
Today View Gyms Empty.png
If there are no Pokémon in Gyms
PokéCoins and Daily Research
See: Shop → PokéCoins

The section displays how many PokéCoins earned through defending Gyms and if there is Daily Research available.

See: Research tasks → Daily Research

Daily Research feature is currently available only in several countries due to feature testing.

Today View PokéCoins.png
Daily Bonuses streaks

This section allows Trainer to track their Daily PokéStop Spin and Daily Pokémon Catch Streaks.

Today View Streaks.png
Upcoming events

This section displays all upcoming events and features. Currently it shows all event related news available from in-game News page.

Today View Upcoming.png
Global Challenge Arena
See: Pokémon GO Fest 2020 → Global Challenge Arena

During Pokémon GO Fest 2020 there was a special section as a part of Global Challenge, called Global Challenge Arena that displayed social feed from Pokémon GO Fest and ongoing challenge with global progress towards challenge, cities that currently are being active in the game, Trainer's personal stats towards the challenge goal and their friends' ones.

Today View GCA.png
Social section
Today View GCA 2.png
Challenge section


Icon assets

These are icon assets for images that show up next to description in listed bonuses of ongoing events on the Today View page.


  • Today View was introduced in version 0.171.0.
  • Event section was not available when Today View first launched and it appeared for the first time during Spring Event.