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Throwback Challenge Champion 2020 was the final part of Throwback Challenge 2020 event.[1] It featured a Special Research that was available if the trainer completed the prior four parts of Throwback Challenge 2020.[2]

If one missed a previous research, they could buy a ticket to gain access to the Champion Research for US$7.99. For those who already had free access to the Champion Research, purchasing the ticket would grant access to the Throwback Challenge Celebration 2020 Special Research set.

Unlike all the previous sets, the Champion and Celebration sets can be completed at any time.


Featured Pokémon

These Pokémon were released with the start of the event:

Meowth galarian
Icon Steel
Zigzagoon galarian
Icon Dark   Icon Normal
Linoone galarian
Icon Dark   Icon Normal
Stunfisk galarian
Icon Ground   Icon Steel
Icon Dark   Icon Normal
TodayView Icon PokemonEncounter Pokémon in wild

Following Pokémon had increased spawn rates in the wild:

Icon Grass
Icon Fire
Shiny Pokémon
Patrat shiny
Icon Normal
Icon Water
Icon Bug   Icon Poison
Stunfisk galarian
Icon Ground   Icon Steel
Egg 7k 7-km Eggs

7-km Eggs obtained during the event would hatch these Pokémon:

Shiny Pokémon
Meowth shiny
427 / 389
Meowth galarian
591 / 546
Shiny Pokémon
Zigzagoon shiny
290 / 258
Zigzagoon galarian
290 / 258
823 / 768
Darumaka galarian
823 / 768
1,235 / 1,169
Stunfisk galarian
1,235 / 1,169

The following Raid Bosses were available during this event.

Egg Raid Normal 1st Tier
Shiny Pokémon
Timburr shiny
#532 Timburr
Boss CP 3,686 CP
Max capture CP 751 CP 939 CP
#543 Venipede
Boss CP 2,563 CP
Max capture CP 403 CP 504 CP
Shiny Pokémon
Minccino shiny
#572 Minccino
Boss CP 2,697 CP
Max capture CP 498 CP 623 CP
Shiny Pokémon
Klink shiny
#599 Klink
Boss CP 3,227 CP
Max capture CP 546 CP 683 CP
Stunfisk galarian
Boss CP 5,311 CP
Max capture CP 1,235 CP 1,544 CP
Egg Raid Normal 2nd Tier
Shiny Pokémon
Exeggutor alolan
Exeggutor alolan shiny
Boss CP 19,053 CP
Max capture CP 1,722 CP 2,153 CP
Shiny Pokémon
Gligar shiny
#207 Gligar
Boss CP 5,459 CP
Max capture CP 1,061 CP 1,326 CP
Shiny Pokémon
Mawile shiny
#303 Mawile
Boss CP 9,008 CP
Max capture CP 934 CP 1,167 CP
#510 Liepard
Boss CP 13,332 CP
Max capture CP 1,055 CP 1,318 CP
#520 Tranquill
Boss CP 7,450 CP
Max capture CP 824 CP 1,030 CP
Egg Raid Rare 3rd Tier
Shiny Pokémon
Raichu alolan
Raichu alolan shiny
Boss CP 16,848 CP
Max capture CP 1,306 CP 1,633 CP
#141 Kabutops
Boss CP 19,990 CP
Max capture CP 1,550 CP 1,938 CP
#232 Donphan
Boss CP 19,431 CP
Max capture CP 1,722 CP 2,152 CP
#597 Ferroseed
Boss CP 5,365 CP
Max capture CP 537 CP 672 CP
#615 Cryogonal
Boss CP 18,775 CP
Max capture CP 1,598 CP 1,998 CP
Egg Raid Rare 4th Tier
Shiny Pokémon
Marowak alolan
Marowak alolan shiny
Boss CP 13,525 CP
Max capture CP 1,048 CP 1,311 CP
Weezing galarian
Boss CP 26,106 CP
Max capture CP 1,310 CP 1,637 CP
#112 Rhydon
Boss CP 19,393 CP
Max capture CP 1,816 CP 2,270 CP
#306 Aggron
Boss CP 21,077 CP
Max capture CP 1,714 CP 2,143 CP
#530 Excadrill
Boss CP 30,737 CP
Max capture CP 1,853 CP 2,317 CP

Special Research

TodayView Icon Research Throwback Challenge Champion 2020
1st Part
Catch 15 Pokémon
Transfer 15 Pokémon
Rewards for whole set

2nd Part
Evolve 5 Pokémon
Hatch 15 Eggs
Win 15 Raids
Rewards for whole set

3rd Part
Make an Excellent Throw
Battle another Trainer 15 times
Power Up Pokémon 15 times
Rewards for whole set

4th Part
Give your buddy 15 treats
Catch a Dragon-type Pokémon
Rewards for whole set

5th Part
Claim Reward
Claim Reward
Claim Reward
Rewards for whole set
1st Part

Hi there, Trainer. I can’t help but be impressed by your progress. You’ve done fantastic work in researching Pokémon originally discovered in the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh regions.

Now that we’ve researched Pokémon that were found in those regions...

let’s take a closer look at Pokémon originally discovered in the Unova region!

I think it’s fascinating that even though we know a lot about Pokémon from all over the world, there’s always more to learn!

Speaking of discoveries, I’ve been doing some additional research and heard about an interesting phenomenon that has to do with Meowth in the Galar region.

I was speaking to a researcher who’s the granddaughter of a colleague from Galar, and she shared some intriguing information.

It seems that Galarian Meowth lived with seafaring people, which toughened their bodies so much that parts of them turned to iron.

Maybe I could get a few workout tips—I’ve been looking for some ways to toughen up myself!

Anyway...let’s do some more research on Pokémon originally discovered in Unova, but be sure to keep your eyes open for other exciting discoveries.

2nd Part

Wonderful work, Trainer. You might be familiar with the tradition in which a Pokémon Trainer selects their very first partner from a group of three Pokémon.

These first-partner Pokémon are normally Fire, Water, or Grass types. In Unova, many Trainers choose the Water-type Oshawott as their first-partner Pokémon.

This Sea Otter Pokémon is known to use the scalchop on its stomach during battle. Isn’t that just adorable? Please continue your research, and let me know your findings.

3rd Part

I can’t stop thinking about how cute Oshawott is— Oh! You’re back! Excellent work catching that Patrat!

Now that we’ve researched the Water-type first-partner Pokémon of many Unovan Trainers, let’s shift focus to the Fire-type one—Tepig!

I’m a particular fan of Tepig because it uses the fireballs that come from its nose to roast Berries. It’s such a clever use of an ability.

I just love roasted Pinap Berries! We should continue our work and see what else we can discover.

4th Part

Being the savvy Trainer you are, I’m sure you know which type of Pokémon we’re going to research next.

That’s right—Grass type! In Unova, many Trainers choose Snivy, the Grass Snake Pokémon, as their first partner. Snivy is intelligent and calm, and being exposed to lots of sunlight makes it move more swiftly.

Perhaps there’s a lot we could learn from such a sagacious Pokémon!

Anyway, let’s get started on these research tasks. Be sure to listen carefully, as you never know what you might encounter!

5th Part

You’re a natural, Trainer. I’m so glad we could research some of the amazing Pokémon originally discovered in the Unova region.

I can’t thank you enough for your hard work. I hope you put this Charged TM and Fast TM to good use!

By the way, I literally stumbled across a mysterious Pokémon I’ve never encountered before.

I think you’re the perfect Trainer to take this Pokémon and help it reach its potential. Best of luck, and I’ll be in touch soon!


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