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Throwback Challenge in 2020 is a five-part event in Pokémon GO.[1][2]


Each week featured different tasks themed around different regions. Pokémon originally discovered in each region also were appearing more frequently in the wild to help complete these tasks.

The featured regions were Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh. If the Trainer completed all four of these Timed Research sets, they would unlock the Throwback Challenge Champion 2020 Special Research.

Also, Incense Day: Water and Dark Type featuring Carvanha was available during Throwback Challenge 2020: Hoenn.

Name and date Features
Incense Day: Water and Dark Type
May 17th
Incense Event Carvanha.jpg
Incense attracted more Carvanha

Incense attracted Water- and Dark-types
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