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Taillow is a Normal, Flying-type Pokémon from the Hoenn region. It evolves into Swellow when fed 50 candies.

Pokédex description

Taillow - Tiny Swallow Pokémon
Taillow courageously stands its ground against foes, however strong they may be. This gutsy Pokémon will remain defiant even after a loss. On the other hand, it cries loudly if it becomes hungry.

Possible attacks

Fast attacks

Icon Flying 10 (10)
Icon Normal 8 (10)

Charged attacks

Icon Flying
55 (23)

Evolution family

Taillow is the part of a two-member family.

138. Taillow
#276 Taillow
50 Taillow candy
#277 Swellow



  • Taillow was released with the release of sky-theme, Hoenn-region Pokémon on February 9th, 2018.
  • In the wild, maximum capture CP of Taillow is 656, however it can reach 710, if encountered Pokémon is boosted by current weather.
  • From February 9th, 2018 to December 18th, 2018, Taillow used to be a possible hatchling from 2-km Eggs.
  • Taillow was hatching more often from 2-km eggs, during the result of Legendary Week from March 5th to March 16th, 2018.
  • As a former 1st tier Raid Boss, Taillow's CP was 2,583. Its maximum capture CP in Bonus Challenge was 437 and 546 when encountered Pokémon was boosted by weather.
  • Taillow was available in field research: "Make 2 Great Curveball throws in a row, Win 3 Gym Battles, Win a Raid, Hatch an Egg, or Evolve 3 Pokémon" during Yokohama Pokémon GO Fest 2019 with a maximum capture CP of 328.
  • Shiny form of Taillow was released with the start of Hoenn Celebration 2019 on January 15th, 2019.

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