Mp-Icon Pikachu This page is about the Japan Snorlax Event. For the sleeping Snorlax event , see Summer Snooze.

The Snorlax Event was a Japan-exclusive event that took place at the beginning of March, 2017. [1]


During the event, there were increased numbers of Snorlax in all of Kumamoto Prefecture, as well as Yufu, Ōita and Beppu, Ōita. [1]

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The approximate translation for the event announcement was:

We've received information that in the Kumamoto prefecture and in Oita prefecture, Yufu city and Beppu city, Snorlax has begun appearing more frequently. Was it roused by the Pokémon flute? The phenomenon is expected to continue from March 4 to March 13. There are areas and places where local reconstruction work is continuing. Do not enter a dangerous place. Otherwise, please enjoy Kumamoto and Oita!


  • One of the event's stated goals was to help revitalize the areas affected by the Kumamoto earthquakes last April. [1]
  • This event is quite similar to Lapras Event.

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