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Salamence is a Dragon, Flying-type Pokémon from the Hoenn region. It evolves from Shelgon when fed 100 candies and it is the final evolution form of Bagon.

Pokédex description

Salamence - Dragon Pokémon
Salamence came about as a result of a strong, long-held dream of growing wings. It is said that this powerful desire triggered a sudden mutation in this Pokémon's cells, causing it to sprout its magnificent wings.

Possible attacks

Fast attacks

Icon Dark 6 (12)
Icon Dragon 15 (14)
Icon Fire 12 (13)

Charged attacks

Icon Dragon
150 (42)
Icon Fire
140 (33)
Icon Water
130 (39)
Icon Dragon
110 (28) (Only obtained during Community Day.)

Evolution family

Salamence is the part of a three-member family.

191. Bagon
#371 Bagon
25 Bagon candy
#372 Shelgon
100 Bagon candy
#373 Salamence



  • Salamence was released with the release of sky-theme, Hoenn-region Pokémon on February 9th, 2018.
  • Shiny form of Salamence was released during the sixteenth Community Day on April 13th, 2019.

External links

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  • Salamence article, on the Pokémon Wiki
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