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Research tasks are a game mechanic that offers rewards for Trainers who complete various task objectives.[1] Many of these tasks focus on skill and execution rather than depending on random chance.

Research page

Research page is accessible from the Map View. Its icon is aligned above the Nearby tab in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Research page is divided into three tabs:

  • Field tab which includes Field Research tasks and Research Breakthrough stamp progress,
  • Special tab which includes ongoing Special Research campaigns and list of completed ones
  • and Today View tab which includes Timed Research campaigns, bonuses for current events, daily PokéCoins and Daily Bonuses progress.

Initially, the Research Breakthrough stamp progress section was present at the top of the Research page and the tabs with Field and Special research were below it, thus the Breakthrough progress was displayed regardless of which kind of research tasks were viewed at the moment. It was misguiding and got changed with later updates — Breakthrough section was moved to the Field tab.

Research tasks and rewards

There are plenty kinds of Research tasks that work slightly different.

Field Research

Example Field and Bonus Research tasks

Field Research are tasks that can be gathered by spinning Photo Discs of PokéStops (Gyms do not give tasks). Each PokéStop can only give one task per day. Each PokéStop changes the tasks at 00:00 AM local time per day. Once the Trainer has completed that PokéStop's task for the day, a small icon is displayed in the top right corner of the PokéStop's Photo Disc view.

Example Field and Bonus Research tasks completed

Field Research tasks have objectives that include catching certain Pokémon, performing basic actions in the game or battling in Gyms or Raid Battles. These tasks are directed as more casual so players can complete them in 15 to 30 minutes. [2]

While Special Research tasks have specific rewards for each task and each set of tasks, for Field Research there seems to be variety of different rewards for each task completed. The more difficult the task, the greater the reward. Trainer can have up to three Field Research tasks at a time, but they can be also cancelled at any time, so other tasks can be gathered (trainer can obtain the deleted one from the same PokéStop during the same day). There is no limit to the number of research tasks that can be completed each day. [1] It is possible to obtain multiples of the same task from different PokéStops during the same day; in this case, a single action will count towards progress for both of them.

Sponsored Field Research task

Beginning in 2019, there has been a Limited Research event. During the event, PokéStops will assign tasks to Trainers and reward them with a featured Pokémon. The Pokémon that is rewarded will have a chance to be shiny.

For the full list of Field Research tasks, see: List of Field Research tasks and rewards.

Bonus Research

Daily, the Trainer receives a bonus Field Research task automatically. The tab is made light green in color to be recognized. A fourth slot will be opened for the bonus task if the three Field Research tabs are filled. However, if all four Field Research slots are filled, Trainer won't receive the bonus task.[3]

This feature was introduced on April 30th, 2020. The research was the same for all Trainers on the first day, but then it can vary.

Special Research

Special Research are campaigns split into parts with sets of unique tasks requested by Professor Willow himself. Each Special Research task can be completed only once per player and for each set of Special Research tasks there are unique special rewards. [1]

For the full list of Special Research campaigns, see: List of Special Research tasks.

Timed Research

Since May 2020, there is an additional kind of Research campaigns called Timed Research that works very similar to Special Research campaigns however its accessibility is limited for a specific period of time after which Timed Research is gone and no longer accessible regardless of the Trainer's progress on it. Unlike Special Research campaigns these kind of Research sets can be viewed in Today View tab instead of Special Research tab.

For the full list of Timed Research campaigns, see: List of Timed Research tasks.

Daily Research

Daily Research

See: Today View → PokéCoins and Daily Research

Daily Research is a feature that allows Trainer to obtain few more PokéCoins for completing whole set of Daily Research tasks. It is currently tested in several countries, including: Australia, Germany, New Zealand and Taiwan.

The set of Daily Research consists of 5 low-difficulty tasks. For completing whole set of them, there would be PokeCoin.png 20 PokéCoins rewarded.

Following tasks were reported to appear in Daily Research:

  • Catch a Pokémon.
  • Transfer a Pokémon.
  • Evolve a Pokémon.
  • Power up a Pokémon.
  • Use a Berry to help catch a Pokémon.
  • Make a Nice Throw.
  • Make a Great Throw.
  • Make an Excellent Throw.
  • Win a Raid.
  • Defeat Team GO Rocket grunt.

Stamps and Research Breakthrough

Main article: List of Research Breakthrough rewards

Research Breakthrough

Trainers can earn one Stamp per-day by claiming the reward from a Field Research task. Once seven stamps have been obtained, a Research Breakthrough can be achieved. [1]

The stamp is earned upon claiming the task's reward, not when the task is completed, so if you complete two tasks in a day, you can opt to save one to get another stamp for tomorrow by not claiming one of them. For Pokémon appearance rewards, tapping claim reward will give you the stamp, not when you actually catch them.

These breakthroughs offer rewards such as randomly given items and a chance to encounter a Pokémon.

It is currently unknown what is the purpose of Special Research stamps that are present in the game files, as only Field Research stamps can be currently obtained by players.




  • Few mentions about this game feature was found in the game code few times before it was finally implemented and released, by the name 'quests'.
  • The research feature launched on March 30th, 2018.[4]
  • According to game creators, research tasks are designed to be exciting and promote exploration with skillful challenges so that encountering Pokémon should never feel like a chore. [2]
  • Research tasks icon has the same location on the Map View screen that the weather icon used to use.
    • Hence, the weather icon is now placed above the compass icon.
  • The same Field Research task can be obtained from one, particular PokéStop during the day, so more than one player can have the same task with the same reward simultaneously, and if discarded it will only give the same task during that day.
  • Until game update to version 0.103.3, the Field Research stamps progress was displayed above the tabs with Field and Special Research tasks which made this progress graphic visible above both Field and Special Research tasks. This caused confusion to many players.
    • Now as tabs has been moved to the top of the page, the Research Breakthrough progress graphic with stamps is visible only in the Field Research tasks tab and not any more above Special Research tasks.
  • Pokémon encounters from Field Research are considered to be caught at the location of the PokéStop the task is obtained.
  • Unlike the Field Research tasks, there is no possibility to cancel nor skip any of Special Research tasks in order to complete the set of tasks.
  • More than one set of Special Research tasks can be completed within a day.
  • Special Researches related with Trading, sending Gifts and making Friends are pre-completed for Trainers under age of 13, since these don't have access to such game features.
  • From early 2019 until Psychic Spectacular 2020, event-exclusive Field Research tasks were indicated by having the event name in front of the task. This was later removed for unknown reason, which had caused numerous complaints from the players.
    • A yellow "EVENT" tag has been added to event-exclusive Field Research tasks since Lunar New Year 2021.
  • Field Research rewarding Mega Energy has added the icon of Pokémon since August 12th, 2021.[5]

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