Pokémon GO Fest in 2017 was the first GO Fest event in Pokémon GO. There were challenges for both attendees and Trainers around the world.

Attendees exclusive features

Pokémon GO Fest Chicago 2017

Exclusive medal

TodayView Icon General Pokéwalks
TodayView Icon General Exclusive medal for 2017
TodayView Icon PokemonEncounter A, C, G, H, I and O Unown ("Chicago") spawn increased

Attendees of the Pokémon GO Fest 2017 received exclusive medal.

Featured Pokémon

TodayView Icon PokemonEncounter Pokémon in wild

The event featured the region-exclusive Pokémon Heracross. There were A, C, G, H, I and O forms of Unown spawning very frequently at the event. These letters spell "Chicago" - location of the event.

Unown A
Icon Psychic
Unown C
Icon Psychic
Unown G
Icon Psychic
Unown H
Icon Psychic
Unown I
Icon Psychic
Unown O
Icon Psychic
Icon Bug   Icon Fighting

Trainers worldwide features

As a result of all the hard work put in during Pokémon GO Fest, plenty of in-game bonuses was unlocked for the entire Pokémon GO community.[1]

TodayView Icon CandyCandy
TodayView Icon XPXP
TodayView Icon PokemonEncounter Pokémon spawn increased
TodayView Icon Egg Reduced hatching distance
TodayView Icon Walking Reduced buddy distance
TodayView Icon Shop Shop special offer
TodayView Icon Raid Lugia and Legendary Birds release

Featured Pokémon

Based on the efforts of the Trainers at the event, Lugia was revealed as the first Legendary Pokémon to appear in Pokémon GO. In addition, since Team Mystic captured the most Pokémon during the event, Articuno joined Lugia in Raid Battles immediately upon completing the challenge.

Icon Ice   Icon Flying
Icon Psychic   Icon Flying

The other two Legendary Birds - Moltres and Zapdos, were also unlocked, but they would be available in the latter weeks. [2]

Bird Name Start date End date
Articuno Articuno Saturday, July 22 Monday, July 31
Moltres Moltres Monday, July 31 Monday, August 7
Zapdos Zapdos Monday, August 7 Monday, August 14

Shop special offer

TodayView Icon Shop Special shop offers

There was a special item boxes offer in the shop for time of the event. These three following boxes were available with the start of the event on July 22nd, 2017 until July 27th, 2017.[3]

Special Box
Special Box
PokeCoin 480
Great Box
Great Box
PokeCoin 980
Ultra Box
Ultra Box
PokeCoin 1,480


There were numerous networking and connectivity issues present, during the event. Many Trainers could not log into their accounts during the event. The game's CEO, John Hanke, was booed on stage for the frustration. Because of these issues, all attendees were refunded their admission cost, received $100 in Shop credit and given a free Lugia. [4][2]




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