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A PokéStop

PokéStops are one of the most central and recognizable game elements. They can be seen and accessed only in the Map View, as they are the real-world landmarks in places such as historical markers, monuments, art installations, churches, etc.


On the left, ready to spin PokéStops; on the right spun PokéStops during cooldown

PokéStops have plenty in-game purposes:

To access PokéStop, Trainer can be a few yards away to reach the PokéStops, so they can interact with PokéStop without entering buildings or while taking public transportation if the PokéStop is along the side of the road.

Various appearances of PokéStop

Once PokéStop is within range of Trainer's proximity ring, its top part will expand from a floating cube into a Poké Ball symbol. Tapping on the PokéStop brings up its image called Photo Disc. Spinning the Photo Disc allows Trainer to obtain items, XP, Eggs and Field Research tasks.

It is not necessary to spin the Photo Disc in order to trigger encounter of Team GO Rocket member that is taking over a PokéStop or using it as a hideout. After tapping on the close button in the Photo Disc view, the grunt, leader or Giovanni will appear regardless of spinning the Photo Disc. After spinning it, PokéStops turns purple for its 5-minute cooldown.

To help Trainers explore new places in the real world, PokéStops that have been not previously visited will appear surrounded by horizontal bright rings. Once Trainer spins the Photo Disc, the ring will disappear indicating that they have explored the location. Visiting a new PokéStop also grants 250 XP instead of 50. [1]

COVID-19 Icon.png
Due to COVID-19 pandemic:
PokéStop accessibility range has been expanded with few meters. Even though PokéStop is not within the Trainer's proximity ring on the Map View, it will act as if it was.

Photo Disc

Photo Disc of PokéStop

Photo Disc of Gym

Photo Discs (also spelled Photo Disks) are round discs with the photograph of a landmark object or a place for which specific PokéStop or Gym is placed. There are placed at the center of a PokéStop and they can also be found at Gyms by selecting the Photo Disc button. When a Trainer swipes the disc, 50 XP is awarded and a number of random items will be given to the Trainer and added to their Items Bag.[1]

Items dropped from Photo Discs are completely random and the same items are not given to all Trainers who spin the same PokéStop at the same time. Some items only become available once a Trainer reaches a certain level.

After spinning Photo Disc, Items drop in the bubbles out of the it, tapping on them will collect them, though this is not necessary to receive them into the Item Bag.

Once a Trainer has collected items they cannot spin the Photo Disc for 5 minutes. During this time the PokéStop or a marker at top of Gym turns purple to indicate that it has cool down. When the PokéStop is close to end of the five minute cool down, it will start turning from purple to blue gradually, which can be seen from the Map View. Once the cool down period expires it will return to its normal color and items can be collected once again.

Additionally, spinning Photo Disc of PokéStop can grant Trainer with a Field Research task. Particular PokéStop has set a specific task for a day, thus all Trainers receive the same Field Research task from the same PokéStop on the same day

Trainer can acquire new Field Research task only if they have at least one of three Field Research task slots free. After completing a particular task and claiming its reward, there is an icon in the top right corner of Photo Disc view displayed to inform Trainer that the task from this particular PokéStop has been completed today.

There is also a Daily Bonus for spinning first Photo Disc at PokéStop or Gym of the day. For completing streak of seven daily spins there are a grand XP bonus and extra items given on the seventh day of daily spin. These extra items include guaranteed Johto Evolution Item.

If Trainer's Item Bag is completely full, Photo Disc cannot be spun and there will be a message displayed stating that "Item Bag is full." No items, XP, Eggs nor Field Research tasks will be given and PokéStop will not be considered as visited thus there will be no cool down of it applied. Once there is any free space in Bag, Photo Disc can be spun.

PokéStops will only give Trainer an Egg if they have space for it in their Egg collection and also at least one free space in their Pokémon collection. Eggs won't be received even if mentioned requirements are met but Item Bag is full, as Photo Disc is not spinnable then.

Possible drops

Following items can be obtained by spinning Photo Discs of both PokéStops and Gyms.

starting at Trainer Level 1.
starting at Trainer Level 12.
starting at Trainer Level 20.
starting at Trainer Level 1.
starting at Trainer Level 1.
starting at Trainer Level 1.
starting at Trainer Level 8.
starting at Trainer Level 14.
starting at Trainer Level 18.
starting at Trainer Level 5.
starting at Trainer Level 10.
starting at Trainer Level 15.
starting at Trainer Level 25.
starting at Trainer Level 5.
starting at Trainer Level 30.
(guaranteed on 7 Days Streak)
starting at Trainer Level 1.
starting at Trainer Level 1.
starting at Trainer Level 1.
starting at Trainer Level 1.
starting at Trainer Level 1.

Team GO Rocket takeover

See: Team GO Rocket → PokéStops

Team GO Rocket Grunts randomly take control of PokéStops. These PokéStops twitch and appear discolored. As a Trainer approaches an invaded PokéStop, it becomes black and the Team GO Rocket logo will appear over it. Trainers can battle with the Grunts' Shadow Pokémon.

Defeating a Team GO Rocket member instantly refreshes the cooldown of the invaded PokéStop, allowing Trainer to spin it for items again even if Trainer just spun it prior to the battle.

PokéStop nomination

PokéStop nomination section in Game Settings

Trainers who reached Level 38 can send their own PokéStop nominations to Niantic Wayfarer community.

To nominate a location for a PokéStop, Trainer needs to enter Button Settings.png game settings screen and find section with PokéStop nominations.

Currently, a Trainer gains 1 PokéStop nomination per day; if they do not nominate a PokéStop on a day, this can accumulate to a cap of 40 nominations.

This page on the Niantic Wayfarer site allows Trainers to review the submissions of other Trainers to help them become PokéStops.

PokéStop contribution

PokéStop contribution steps

Currently existing PokéStops and Gyms can be edited. This features is available only for Trainers who reached level 38.

The contribution is about changing their current information of PokéStop or Gym, such as:

  • title,
  • description,
  • Photo Disc image,
  • location
  • or reporting invalidity of PokéStop or Gym.

In case of PokéStops, Trainer can also scan a PokéStop if respective option was toggled on in the game settings menu.

There are several guidelines on submitting PokéStop or Gym contribution on Niantic's official support page for Pokémon GO.

The PokéStop and Gym contribution menu can be opened also by viewing PhotoDisc details from Gift's postcard.

PokéStop Scanning

PokéStop scanning tips.png

PokéStop Scanning is an opt-in feature that lets qualified Pokémon GO Trainers record a stream of images of PokéStops or Gyms and provide related information to Niantic, including the time and location of the recording, how player's phone moved while player was recording, and some general characteristics of player's mobile device.

Scanning a PokéStop or Gym enough times will increase the stop's level, up to Level 3. Increasing a PokéStop's level will give extra bonuses, including extra items when spinning the Photo Disc. It will also change the stop's appearance on the map.

PokéStop Scanning feature was fully covered on the Niantic support page as well as in the Pokémon GO Hub blog post.

Special appearance

During special regional events, PokéStops in the area of such events may have altered appearance to indicate they are featured exclusively for event participants. Such special PokéStops appeared in Pokémon GO Fest 2017 and Pokémon GO Safari Zone Europe.

Check-in PokéStops

Check-in PokéStop appearance

During several regional Pokémon GO event, such as Special Weekend event[2] or Safari Zones in Porto Alegre[3] and Sentosa[4], there were special Check-in PokéStops for Trainers to register their codes from to participate in such events.

In case of Safari Zones, these codes were received through e-mail after signing for the participation in event and in case of Special Weekends, such codes were available to get from local, partnered vendors in area of the event.

After registering code in a check-in PokéStop, Trainer would gain access to event features and achieve an exclusive medal of the event.



  • Trainers earn bonus items when visiting Gyms controlled by their team. If they have a Badge for the Gym they're visiting, they will earn additional bonus items as well – depends on the tier of the Gym Badge. [1]
  • A PokéStop is considered visited only if Trainer spins the Photo Disc and obtains items from it. Trainer can view it, spin it without obtaining items (due to storage being full) or even defeat a Team GO Rocket member at the PokéStop without it considered being visited.
  • If a PokéStop is removed, gifts previously obtained from them would instead have a generic image of a PokéStop instead of the regular photo, and its name is also removed. However, both can be still seen in the Postcard Book. Notably, this happened to the PokéStop associated with the Pillar of Shame in Hong Kong after it was demolished in real life.


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