PokéStop marker

PokeStop Example Bike

A PokéStop

PokéStops are one of the most central and recognizable game elements. They can be seen and accessed only in the Map View, as they are the real-world landmarks in places such as historical markers, monuments, art installations, churches, etc.

PokéStops have two main purposes:

  • They are a common source for most items and the only source of Pokémon Eggs.
  • Wild Pokemon naturally gather around them. These Pokemon can be seen on the tracker. Additionally, lure modules can be set on PokéStops, causing more wild Pokemon to appear nearby.

Photo Disc

Photo Discs are round discs with the photograph of an object or a place for which specific PokéStop or Gym is placed. There are placed at the center of a PokéStop and they can also be found at Gyms by selecting the Photo Disc button. When a trainer swipes the disc, a number of completely random items will be given to the trainer and added to their Items Bag.[1]

Once a trainer has collected items from a PokéStop they cannot collect items from the same stop for 5 minutes. During this time the stop turns purple to indicate that it is inactive. Once the cool down period expires it will return to blue and items can be collected once again.

To help trainers explore new places in the real world, PokéStops they haven't previously visited will appear surrounded by rings. Once they spin the Photo Disc, the rings will disappear indicating that they've explored the location. Visiting a new PokéStop also grants additional xp. [1]

Possible drops

Following items can be obtained by spinning Photo Discs of both PokéStops and Gyms.



  • Trainers earn bonus items when visiting Gyms controlled by their team. If they have a Badge for the Gym they're visiting, they will earn additional bonus items as well. [1]


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