Perrserker is a Steel-type Pokémon from the Galar region. It evolves from Galarian Meowth after being fed 50 candies.

Pokédex description

Viking Pokémon
What appears to be an iron helmet is actually hardened hair. This Pokémon lives for the thrill of battle.
- Perrserker's cry

Possible attacks

Fast attacks

Icon Steel.png
8 (11)
Icon Ghost.png
9 (13)

Charged attacks

Icon Fighting.png
100 (43)
Icon Dark.png
70 (35)
Icon Steel.png
60 (32)
Icon Fairy.png
90 (31)

Evolution family

Perrserker is part of a two-member family.




  • Perrserker does not have a cry during the first few days of its release.

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