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Nidoran♀ (read Nidoran Female) is a Poison-type Pokémon from Kanto region. She can evolve into Nidorina when fed with 25 candies and her final evolution form is Nidoqueen. Nidoran♀ is female counterpart of Nidoran♂.

Pokédex description

Nidoran♀ - Poison Pin Pokémon
Nidoran♀ has barbs that secrete a powerful poison. They are thought to have developed as protection for this small-bodied Pokémon. When enraged, it releases a horrible toxin from its horn.

Possible attacks

Fast attacks

Icon Dark 6 (12)
Icon Poison 5 (8)

Charged attacks

Icon Normal
50 (26)
Icon Poison
35 (21)
Icon Poison
80 (35)

Evolution family

Nidoran♀ is the part of a three-member family.

12. Nidoran♀
#029 Nidoran♀
25 Nidoran♀ candy
#030 Nidorina
100 Nidoran♀ candy
#031 Nidoqueen



  • Nidoran♀ was released with the game launch on July 6th, 2016.
  • In the wild, maximum capture CP of Nidoran♀ is 699, however it can reach 757, if encountered Pokémon is boosted by current weather.
    • Between October 11th and October 12th, 2018, Nidoran♀'s global spawn rate was significantly higher during the Female Day.
  • From July 6th, 2016 to February 9th, 2017, Nidoran♀ used to be a possible hatchling from 5-km Eggs.
  • From February 9th, 2017 to December 21st, 2017, Nidoran♀ used to be a possible hatchling from 2-km Eggs.
  • From December 18th, 2018 to February 13th, 2019, Nidoran♀ used to be a possible hatchling from 2-km Eggs.
  • Shiny form of Nidoran♀ was released with the beginning of the Female Day on October 11th, 2018.

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