Minun is an Electric-type Pokémon from the Hoenn region. It does not evolve into or from any other Pokémon.

Pokédex description

Cheering Pokémon
Minun is more concerned about cheering on its partners than its own safety. It shorts out the electricity in its body to create brilliant showers of sparks to cheer on its teammates.
- Minun's cry

Possible attacks

Fast attacks

Icon Normal.png
8 (10)
Icon Electric.png
6 (9)

Charged attacks

Icon Electric.png
65 (26)
Icon Grass.png
90 (35)
Icon Normal.png
60 (21)
Icon Electric.png
80 (32)

Evolution family

Minun is part of a one-member family.

#312 Minun


Method Maximum CP Details
RT-Icon Encounter.png

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In wild since 2017 Dec 8

Increased spawns in:
Eggstravaganza 2019: Apr 16 - 23
Pokémon GO Fest 2018: Jul 14 - 15

Emblem Raid.png
Raid Battles

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Tier 1 CP 5,097

Visit List of Raid Bosses changes for complete appearance

RT-Icon Special-Stamp-1.png
Research tasks
726 Field Research:
Catch 3 Electric-, Normal- or Poison-type Pokémon: 2019 May - Aug
Battle in a Raid: 2018 May



  • Minun used to be region-exclusive Pokémon for the eastern hemisphere despite of Africa.
    • On February 9th, 2018, along with Plusle, Minun stopped being a region-exclusive Pokémon. [1]


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