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Pokémon GO is in constant development since its official launch and has received multiple updates, that are listed below. There are two sorts of updates the game gets:

  • Game client updates
  • Server-sided updates

List of client updates

List of client updates by year 20162017201820192020

Public client updates can be downloaded from Play Store, App Store or APKMirror in order to have game up to date.

The game have been updated also in its closed beta testing phase in spring 2016.

Server-sided updates

Server-sided updates can be released at any time and player does not have to download them manually and they do not require an update on the app client. They also affect all players at the same time. They are harder to track than game client updates and it is nearly impossible to list them all, as most of them is not publicly logged nor announced by game creators. However, following changes to the game are caused by server-sided updates: