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For the list of research campaigns that are only accessible for a specific period of time, see list of Timed Research tasks.

This is a list of all Special Research campaigns in Pokémon GO. Once a Trainer unlocks any of the Special Research campaigns in this list, they keep that Special Research forever until they complete it.

Legendary and Mythical Pokémon

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Team GO Rocket

Main article: Team GO Rocket

At level 8, Trainers unlock A Troubling Situation, which introduces Team GO Rocket and Shadow Pokémon. Once A Troubling Situation is complete, Trainers gain access to the currently-active Team GO Rocket Leaders research line. Additional Team GO Rocket Special Research cannot be unlocked while a previous one is in progress, making it possible to miss newer ones.

Community Day

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Level-specific Research

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GO Fest

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GO Tour

Safari Zone

Main article: Pokémon GO Safari Zone

Ticketed Research

Other Research