Pokémon species can have genders in few ratios. They can be also either only male, only female or genderless. All ratios are listed below.



These Pokémon have an equal chance of being either male or female. The majority of Pokémon fall under this category. Percentage ratio is 50.0% female to 50.0% male.


These Pokémon usually appear as male, but can be female. Percentage ratio is 25.0% female to 75.0% male.


These Pokémon usually appear as female, but can be male. Percentage ratio is 75.0% female to 25.0% male.


These Pokémon normally appear as male, rarely female. Percentage ratio is 12.5% female to 87.5% male.

Female only

These Pokémon only appear as female. Percentage ratio is 100.0% female to 0.0% male.

Male only

These Pokémon only appear as male. Percentage ratio is 0.0% female to 100.0% male.


These Pokémon do not have any gender.

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