Let's Go Celebration was an event in Pokémon GO that promoted the release of Nintendo Switch games Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee!. It featured spawns and Field Research centered around Pokémon originally discovered in the Kanto region, including the new Mythical Pokémon Meltan.[1]


Featured Pokémon

The following Pokémon were released with the start of the event:

Icon Steel
TodayView Icon PokemonEncounter Pokémon in wild

Pokémon originally discovered in the Kanto-region were appearing more frequently in the wild. Slugma, Gulpin and Anorith also appeared more to help Trainers complete Let's GO, Meltan research series.

These Shiny Pokémon were released with the start of the event:

Raichu alolan shiny
Icon Electric   Icon Psychic
Magnemite shiny
Icon Electric   Icon Steel
Magneton shiny
Icon Electric   Icon Steel

The following tier 3 Raid Bosses were featured from November 23rd to November 26th, starting the possibility of acquiring a shiny Alolan Raichu.[2]

Egg Raid Rare 3rd Tier
#026 Raichu
Icon Electric
Boss CP 11,369 CP
Max capture CP 1,247 CP 1,558 CP
Shiny Pokémon
Raichu alolan
Raichu alolan shiny
Icon Electric | Icon Psychic
Boss CP 16,848 CP
Max capture CP 1,306 CP 1,633 CP
#134 Vaporeon
Icon Water
Boss CP 17,511 CP
Max capture CP 1,779 CP 2,225 CP
#135 Jolteon
Icon Electric
Boss CP 20,800 CP
Max capture CP 1,650 CP 2,063 CP
#136 Flareon
Icon Fire
Boss CP 21,811 CP
Max capture CP 1,730 CP 2,163 CP
#196 Espeon
Icon Psychic
Boss CP 22,826 CP
Max capture CP 1,811 CP 2,264 CP
#197 Umbreon
Icon Dark
Boss CP 13,509 CP
Max capture CP 1,221 CP 1,526 CP

Field Research event tasks

TodayView Icon Research Field Research tasks

There were several Field Research tasks exclusively for the duration of the event. These tasks served as a help towards completing some Special Research tasks of Let's GO, Meltan tasks series.

Make an Excellent Throw.
Hatch 2 Eggs.
Evolve 2 Anorith.

Special Research tasks

Main article: Let's GO, Meltan

There is a nine-part Special Research tasks series — Let's GO, Meltan.

Avatar items

These avatar items were released with the beginning of the event:

Hat Pikachu
Pikachu Cap
(male and female)
Hat Eevee
Eevee Cap
(male and female)



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