Kanto Celebration was an event in Pokémon GO that was dedicated for Pokémon originally discovered in the Kanto region.[1]


Featured Pokémon

TodayView Icon PokemonEncounter Pokémon in wild

Kanto Gold

Kanto medal

Pokémon originally discovered in the Kanto region were seen more frequently, so Trainers had the perfect opportunity to earn a gold Kanto medal and complete their Kanto Pokédex.

The following Raid Bosses were available for a time of this event:[2]

Egg Raid Normal 1st Tier
Shiny Pokémon
Bulbasaur shiny
#001 Bulbasaur
Icon Grass | Icon Poison
Boss CP ? 3,757 CP
Max capture CP ? 560 CP 701 CP
Icon Fire
Boss CP ? 3,380 CP
Max capture CP ? 475 CP 593 CP
#007 Squirtle
Icon Water
Boss CP ? 3,125 CP
Max capture CP ? 462 CP 577 CP
Shiny Pokémon
Magikarp shiny
#129 Magikarp
Icon Water
Boss CP ? 1,165 CP
Max capture CP ? 125 CP 157 CP
Egg Raid Normal 2nd Tier
#049 Venomoth
Icon Bug | Icon Poison
Boss CP ? 10,572 CP
Max capture CP ? 1,107 CP 1,384 CP
#089 Muk
Icon Poison
Boss CP ? 12,269 CP
Max capture CP ? 1,548 CP 1,935 CP
#103 Exeggutor
Icon Grass | Icon Psychic
Boss CP ? 13,839 CP
Max capture CP ? 1,666 CP 2,083 CP
#108 Lickitung
Icon Normal
Boss CP ? 13,132 CP
Max capture CP ? 755 CP 944 CP
#110 Weezing
Icon Poison
Boss CP ? 15,902 CP
Max capture CP ? 1,247 CP 1,559 CP
Egg Raid Rare 3rd Tier
#065 Alakazam
Icon Psychic
Boss CP ? 22,646 CP
Max capture CP ? 1,649 CP 2,062 CP
#068 Machamp
Icon Fighting
Boss CP ? 18,144 CP
Max capture CP ? 1,650 CP 2,063 CP
#094 Gengar
Icon Ghost | Icon Poison
Boss CP ? 19,768 CP
Max capture CP ? 1,496 CP 1,870 CP
#095 Onix
Icon Rock | Icon Ground
Boss CP ? 9,534 CP
Max capture CP ? 572 CP 715 CP
#123 Scyther
Icon Bug | Icon Flying
Boss CP ? 17,358 CP
Max capture CP ? 1,408 CP 1,760 CP
#139 Omastar
Icon Rock | Icon Water
Boss CP ? 18,915 CP
Max capture CP ? 1,534 CP 1,918 CP
#141 Kabutops
Icon Rock | Icon Water
Boss CP ? 19,004 CP
Max capture CP ? 1,438 CP 1,798 CP
Icon Rock | Icon Flying
Boss CP ? 17,294 CP
Max capture CP ? 1,490 CP 1,863 CP
Egg Raid Rare 4th Tier
#076 Golem
Icon Rock | Icon Ground
Boss CP ? 19,335 CP
Max capture CP ? 1,666 CP 2,083 CP
#112 Rhydon
Icon Ground | Icon Rock
Boss CP ? 19,297 CP
Max capture CP ? 1,886 CP 2,357 CP
#131 Lapras
Icon Water | Icon Ice
Boss CP ? 13,767 CP
Max capture CP ? 1,487 CP 1,859 CP
#143 Snorlax
Icon Normal
Boss CP ? 25,419 CP
Max capture CP ? 1,917 CP 2,396 CP

Shop special offer

TodayView Icon Shop Special shop offers

The following offers were available from the shop from the start of the event until 8:00PM UTC on April 24th, 2018.[3]

Bronze Box
Special Box
PokeCoin 480
Silver Box
Great Box
PokeCoin 780
Gold Box
Ultra Box
PokeCoin 1,480


  • It was the second event to feature temporal changes of Raid Bosses. The first one was Pokémon GO Park in Yokohama, Japan.
    • It was the first to feature this worldwide.
  • Between April 7th and 10th, players started noticing that 2D sprites of Kanto- and Johto-region Pokémon had changed, thus they started speculating that during this event some or even more of shiny variants of these Kanto Pokémon might be released. [4]
    • Moreover, Reddit user u/Chrales through the data-mining found and revealed that in fact plenty of 2D sprites for shiny variants of Kanto- and Johto-region Pokémon had been added to the game server. However none of these Shiny Pokémon had their in-game 3D models added. [5]
    • Despite all of these 2D sprites of Shiny Pokémon being added to the game, none of Pokémon had their shiny variant released during this event.
  • It is one of four events that revolved around the Kanto-region Pokémon in particular, the other ones are:


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