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Journal is a game-element that stores recent actions of Trainer. It contains entries with information such as: items received from spun Photo Discs at PokéStops and Gyms, caught Pokémon or Pokémon that returned from defended Gyms.

Journal page

Journal page

To enter the Journal page player needs to:

Journal Page can display up to 50 entries of recorded actions.

Recorded actions

There are plenty of in-game activities and actions that are being recorded to the Journal.

Most of these entries are for activities related to specific Pokémon, thus there are icon of them next to te entries. Some of these entries have icon responding to the game elements which activities were related with.

All kinds of entries in Journal has the date and the time of performed action.

These are kinds of actions that are stored as entries in Journal:

Catching Pokémon and hatching an Egg
Most common Journal entries regard obtained Pokémon by catching them and hatching eggs.
Such Journal entries inform about CP of specific Pokémon.
If Pokémon is Shiny or Shadow it is displayed respectively.
Pokémon caught
Journal PokemonCaught.png
Journal ShinyPokemonCaught.png
Journal ShadowPokemonCaught.png
Pokémon ran away
Journal PokemonRan.png
Pokémon hatched
Journal PokemonHatched.png

Received items
Another common Journal entries regard Items received from spinning Photo Disc of PokéStops or Gyms, winning a raid, from Adventure Sync or promo code redemption.
Such entries inform about amount and kind of items received.
Items received from PokéStop
Journal ItemsPokestop.png
Items received from Gym
Journal ItemsGym.png
Items received from raid
Journal ItemsRaid.png
Items received from Adventure Sync
Journal ItemsAdventureSync.png
Items received from code
Journal ItemsCode.png

Buddy Pokémon related actions
When Buddy Pokémon finds a Candy or gives Trainer a present it is also recorded to the Journal.
Buddy found a Candy
Journal BuddyCandy.png
Buddy brought a Gift
Journal BuddyGift.png

Research tasks related actions
Completion of any kind of Research tasks or achieving Research Breakthrough is recorded to Journal as well.
These entries also inform about amount and kind of rewarded Items, however if the reward for a task is a Pokémon encounter, Journal just displays that Research task was completed.
Completed any Research task
Journal ResearchReward.png
Journal ResearchNoReward.png
Research Breakthrough achieved
Journal ResearchBreakthrough.png

Friends related actions
There are couple of Journal entries regarding friend actions such as: opened gifts, gifts sent to a friend and traded Pokémon.
Items received from Gift
Journal GiftOpened.png
Gift sent to a friend
Journal GiftSent.png
Traded Pokémon
Journal Trade.png

Battle related actions
Trainer Battles, GO Battle League set battles and defeats of Team GO Rocket members are too recorded in the Journal.
Trainer Battles
Trainer Battles against both other Trainers and Team Leaders have the same kind of entries with respective Battle League or Cup displayed.
Single battles in GO Battle League are also displayed like this.
If Trainer loses the battle, Journal stands that "Battled against someone".
Journal BattleLost.png
If Trainer loses the battle, Journal stands that "Won a battle against someone".
Journal BattleWon.png
Team GO Rocket member defeated
Battles against Team GO Rocket members are recorded to the Journal once the particular member gets defeated.
Journal DefeatedGrunt.png
Journal DefeatedGruntF.png
Journal DefeatedJessie.png
Journal DefeatedJames.png
Journal DefeatedArlo.png
Journal DefeatedCliff.png
Journal DefeatedSierra.png
Journal DefeatedGiovanni.png
GO Battle League
Winning a number of matches in GO Battle League set also gets recorded in Journal.
Journal BattleLeagueSet.png
Journal also records rank, rating and rewards at the ending a season in GO Battle League.
Journal BattleLeagueSeasonEnd.png

Notifications Tab

In-game Notifications Tab

There were some informational entries stored in the Journal initially, but they were moved to Notifications tab in the in-game news view. These entries are:

Pokémon defending a Gym returned
Informs about optional PokéCoins received for a defending a gym if a daily limit of PokéCoins is not reached.
This is also a togglable push notification.
Notification GymReturned.png
Pokémon defending a Gym needs a treat.
Informs about low motivation level of Pokémon defending gym.
This is also a togglable push notification.
Notification NeedsTreat.png

Some of these Notification Tab entries are not related directly to player's actions but to social features such as Friends and Gifts. These entries are:

Friend sent a gift
This is also a togglable push notification.
Notification SentGift.png
Friend received and opened a gift
Informs about number and kinds of items that friends receive from gift sent by player.
Notification ReceivedGift.png


  • Journal page unlike most of scrollable page in the game cannot be quit by swiping page downwards at its very top to make X mark appear above the content.
  • Due to some bugs, player can sometimes see recently Pokémon hatched from egg, before even seeing the hatching animation in the first place. However, quitting journal and profile pages triggers hatching animation as it can start only in the Map View.