Holiday in 2016 was the first Holiday event in Pokémon GO.[1]


TodayView Icon Incubator 1 Egg Incubator from PokéStops per day
TodayView Icon Egg Higher chance of obtaining Pokémon Eggs
TodayView Icon Lure 1-hour Lure Modules duration
TodayView Icon Shop Shop special offer
TodayView Icon PokemonEncounter Pikachu wearing Holiday hat release
TodayView Icon PokemonEncounter Starter Pokémon family spawn increased

Featured Pokémon

Two weeks prior to this event, on December 12th, 2016, Johto-region Baby Pokémon were released. Pikachu and Raichu wearing festive hats began to circulate the same day. They were available until the end of this Holiday event, [2] and any captured would persist in the inventory if not transferred. [3]

Additionally, from the afternoon of December 30th, 2016, through the afternoon of January 8th 2017 (PST), starter Pokémon and their evolved forms were encountered more often. [1]

Shop special offer

During this event there were Holiday Boxes available from the shop for a limited time.

From the morning of December 25th, 2016 through the afternoon of December 30th, 2016 (PST) Special, Great, and Ultra Boxes were available for purchase from the Shop. These boxes contained some items that are usually not available for purchase and they were offered at a discount rate. [4][5]

From the afternoon of December 30th, 2016 through the afternoon of January 3rd, 2017 (PST) Bronze, Silver, and Gold Boxes were available for purchase. The items in these Boxes included Incense, Lure Modules, Lucky Eggs, Poké Balls, and Great Balls. [4][6]

Box Cost Items
Special Box
Special Box
PokeCoin 250
Great Box
Great Box
PokeCoin 550
Ultra Box
Ultra Box
PokeCoin 1,500
Bronze Box
Bronze Box
PokeCoin 460
Silver Box
Silver Box
PokeCoin 980
Gold Box
Gold Box
PokeCoin 2,480


Promotional pictures

Following promotional pictures were published by creators of the game across their social media channels.


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