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Giovanni is the boss of the Team GO Rocket. Grunts, Jessie and James and Team GO Rocket Leaders are his subordinates.

Finding Giovanni

Tasks on defeating each Leader

Super Radar found.png

Giovanni can be found using Super Rocket Radar that can be acquired only from Team GO Rocket Special Research, after defeating each Team GO Rocket Leader at least once.

Tracking down Giovanni's hideout is not as simple as in case of locating Team GO Rocket Leaders using regular Rocket Radar, as some hideouts marked using Super Rocket Radar may turn out to be PokéStops taken by Decoy Grunts pretending to be Giovanni.

From the start of Season of Mischief until the start of A Looming Shadow Returns!, Giovanni was "missing" and only Decoy Grunts can be found with the Super Rocket Radar.

Trainer can also find Giovanni and engage battle with him by tapping the Rocket Balloon that may spawn above the Trainer's avatar in the Map View but only if Super Rocket Radar is equipped.

For more information on Rocket Balloons, see: Team GO Rocket → Balloons.

Battling Giovanni

After locating Giovanni's hideout at last, Trainers can engage battle with him just like in case of Team GO Rocket Leaders.

For more information on battling any of Team GO Rocket members, see: Team GO Rocket → Battling.
For more information on battling any of Team GO Rocket Leaders, see: Team GO Rocket Leaders → Battling leaders.

After defeating Giovanni, 5000 Stardust, several Potions, Revives and maybe a Unova Stone will be rewarded. Then Trainers can encounter and catch the Shadow Legendary Pokémon used by him. It has a 100% catch rate.

Winning against Giovanni counts towards the Ultra Hero medal.

Battle party

This is current party of Pokémon to be used by Giovanni in battle with him.

Only one of Pokémon in the middle column is being fought in the single battle with Giovanni and this Pokémon is random. Pokémon highlighted with green can be caught after winning against Giovanni.
Team GO Rocket Giovanni icon.png
POKÉMON PARTYArrow White.png
1st Pokémon 2nd Pokémon 3rd Pokémon
Team GO Rocket Grunts.png
Decoy grunt
Looking for the boss? HA. Try again!
POKÉMON PARTYArrow White.png
1st Pokémon 2nd Pokémon 3rd Pokémon

Changes to battle party

Main article: List of Team GO Rocket Pokémon changes

From the release of Battle against Giovanni, until now, there were some changes to Giovanni's Pokémon party. Typically, each month Giovanni has different set of Pokémon that can be fought.

In-game quotes


"I must say—I am impressed you got here."
"I am the leader of this enterprise...Giovanni!"
"How dare you?! You will pay for your insolence!"
"Your Pokémon exist for Team GO Rocket’s use."
"I commend you for standing up to me, Trainer. I trust you’ll make this worth my time."
"You are foolish to confront me, but I’m impressed by your confidence. Let’s battle."
"My goal is beyond your comprehension."
"If you insist on confronting me, you will pay the price!"
"What’s this now? I hope you are a worthy opponent."

Before battle

"Prepare yourself for a world of pain."
"Humble yourself. You are facing the world’s greatest Trainer."
"If you insist on disrupting my plans, I will insist on making you regret it."
"You have no idea who you are challenging, child."
"You underestimate Team GO Rocket. Prepare for battle."
"There is no stopping my plans."
"Two things are inevitable: my success and your failure."
"You have proven yourself by reaching me, so I shall spare you a moment of my time."
"You may have made it here, but this is as far as you’ll go."
"I’d say to prepare for battle, but you have already lost."

Pre-battle screen

"I will not tolerate your interference."
"You cannot stop me...but I’m amused by your attempt."
"Your professor has not prepared you for what is to come."
"You’ve made it this far. Let me see just how strong you are."
"You will never defeat Team GO Rocket."

Upon victory

"What an amusing Trainer."
"As expected, Team GO Rocket cannot be stopped."
"You cannot stop my master plan."
"Do not try to interfere again."
"You failed as soon as you challenged me, Trainer."

Upon being defeated

"What?! This can’t be!"
"Your love of Pokémon gave you the advantage...this time."
"... ... ...I shall step aside this time!"
"This defeat is meaningless. Team GO Rocket will never fall!"
"This isn’t over. We will meet on the battlefield again."



  • Giovanni can be considered a Team GO Rocket counterpart of Professor Willow, as they both are rather special characters in game, and they both have three subordinates/assistants.

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