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Friendship Event in 2020 was the second Friendship Event. [1]


Below there is a table with all possible costs for Pokémon trades during this event.
Note 1: Regular Pokémon term includes region-exclusive Pokémon, Baby Pokémon and Starter Pokémon.
Note 2: New Pokémon term means that Pokémon is not registered in Trainer's Pokédex prior the trade. It also includes Pokémon's particular form that was not registered to Pokédex prior the trade — new letter form of Unown, Event Pokémon, Alolan form of Pokémon or Castform weather form.

Level Regular Pokémon Shiny or Legendary Pokémon
Registered New Registered New
Good Friend 50 10,000 10,000 500,000
Great Friend 50 8,000 8,000 400,000
Ultra Friend 50 800 800 40,000
Best Friend 50 400 400 20,000


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