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Friendship is a gameplay feature in Pokémon GO, which allows Trainers for wider range of cooperation within a game, including gifting and trading. [1][2]


Once a Trainer shares their Trainer Code with someone, that person can then send them a Friend Request. Friends can be made regardless of Teams. After two Trainers have become friends, they'll be able to send each other Gifts. Gifts are initially obtained by spinning the Photo Disc at a PokéStop or Gym.[3]

Friends list

The Friends list is a contains a Trainer's friends. Each Trainer can have up to 400 friends. The list is sorted in order of friendship level and friends who sent you a Gift recently will appear at the top. The rest of your friends will be sorted by friends you have known the longest. There is no way to sort the list manually and you cannot favorite friends. There is also no way to contact them via messages, so you must have some other channel of communication if necessary.

Friend Filtering

Filtering by name/nickname

You can search your friends by typing their name or nickname like a normal text search. It returns those friends whose name or nickname matches the query. This search does not search sub-strings, so the first part of the name or nickname must be supplied.

Filtering by keywords

There are special keywords that can be used to filter your Friends list. Using these can improve leveling your progress with most of your friends.


Term Result
lucky Returns all Lucky friends.
interactable Returns all friends that you did not interact today.
giftable Returns all friends that you can send a gift.

Friend levels

Term Result
friendlevel0 Returns all friends with no interaction ever made.
friendlevel1 Returns all friends on the level of Good Friends.
friendlevel2 Returns all friends on the level of Great Friends.
friendlevel3 Returns all friends on the level of Ultra Friends.
friendlevel4 Returns all friends on the level of Best Friends.

Friendship levels

Friends will be able to help each other directly in Gyms and Raid Battles by activating bonuses. Great Friends will receive not only an Attack bonus to help them take down a Raid Boss at a much faster rate, but also extra Premier Balls to catch the Pokémon when the battle is complete. This adds more rewards and incentives for actions they’re already taking and can be especially beneficial for smaller groups of Trainers that battle together. When tight-knit friends take on a Raid Boss, even a small group can be mighty.[3]

Once two Trainers become friends, they may trade all Pokémon (except Mythical) and send gifts to each other.

Level Days XP Bonuses
Trade Discount Icon Friendship Trade.png Attack Damage Icon Friendship Battle.png Raid Balls Emblem Raid.png
Good Friend 1 3,000 Stardust Icon.png 0% Icon Battle Bonus.png 3% Premier Ball.png +0
Great Friend 7 10,000 Stardust Icon.png 20% Icon Battle Bonus.png 5% Premier Ball.png +1
Ultra Friend 30 50,000 Stardust Icon.png 92% Icon Battle Bonus.png 7% Premier Ball.png +2
Best Friend 90 100,000 Stardust Icon.png 96% Icon Battle Bonus.png 10% Premier Ball.png +4


Main article: Gifts

When receiving a Gift from a friend, Trainers will see a postcard from the PokéStop or Gym where the friend acquired the Gift.[3] Trainers are rewarded with 200 XP for sending Gifts.[4]


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Lucky Friends

When a Trainer becomes Lucky Friends with someone, the next time they trade with each other both Pokémon are guaranteed to be Lucky Pokémon.[5]

  • To become Lucky Friends, both Trainers must already be Best Friends. Both Trainers will have a chance once per day when they first trade Pokémon, open a Gift from the other, team up in a raid or Gym battles, or challenge each other to a Trainer Battle (only the first of those actions done in a day has a chance of becoming Lucky Friends). Both Trainers will receive a notification when they have become Lucky Friends and will be able to see that they are Lucky Friends in their Friend List and on their friend's profile page.[5]
  • The odds of becoming a Lucky Friend have been observed to be about 1.17%.[6]

After completing the trade, the Lucky Friend status will return to Best Friend status until they become Lucky Friends again some time in the future. There is no limit to how many times you can become Lucky Friends, it is just a matter of getting lucky.[5]