Eggstravaganza is a seasonal event in Pokémon GO that takes place in spring to celebrate real-world Easter.

Visit the following pages for detailed information of each year:


Name and date Features
Eggstravaganza 2017
Apr 13th - 20thEggstravaganza

Increased Hatch Candy
More Pokémon in 2-km Eggs
Shop special offer

Eggstravaganza 2018
Mar 22nd - Apr 2ndEggstravaganza 2018

Bonus hatch Candy
Only 2-km Eggs from PokéStops
Pokémon hatching from 5 and 10-km Eggs could be found in 2-km Eggs
Shiny Togepi, Magby and Wynaut
Shop special offer

Eggstravaganza 2019
Apr 16th - 23rd
Eggstravaganza 2019
Easter-themed Pokémon spawn increased

2× hatch Candy
2× Incubator efficiency
1-hour Lucky Egg duration
Increased chance to obtain 2-km Eggs
Additional Pokémon hatched from 2-km Eggs
Shiny Igglybuff and Buneary release
Themed Research tasks
Shop special offer

Spring Event
Apr 9th - 16th
Spring Event
Only 2-km Eggs from Gifts

2× hatch Candy
1-hour Lucky Egg duration
Spring-themed Pokémon spawn increased
Spring-themed Pokémon in 2-km Eggs and Research tasks
Pikachu wearing spring hat release
Pichu, Buneary and Togepi wearing flower crown release
Shiny Pikachu wearing spring hat release
Shiny Pichu, Buneary and Togepi wearing flower crown release
Shiny Exeggcute release

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