The Detective Pikachu Celebration was an event that celebrates the release of the film Pokémon: Detective Pikachu.[1]


Featured Pokémon

The following Pokémon were released with the start of the event:

Pikachu detective
Icon Electric
Raichu detective
Icon Electric
TodayView Icon PokemonEncounter Pokémon in wild

Selected Pokémon featured in the movie had increased spawn rates in the wild and from Incense or Lure Modules. Ludicolo was in the wild exclusively during this event.

Shiny Pokémon
Bulbasaur shiny
Icon Grass   Icon Poison
Icon Fire   Icon Flying
Icon Normal   Icon Fairy
Shiny Pokémon
Psyduck shiny
Icon Water
Shiny Pokémon
Cubone shiny
Icon Ground
Mr. Mime
Icon Psychic   Icon Fairy
Icon Fire
Icon Normal
Shiny Pokémon
Aipom shiny
Icon Normal
Icon Water   Icon Grass
Icon Normal

These Shiny Pokémon were released with the start of the event:[2]

Aipom shiny
Icon Normal
Ambipom shiny
Icon Normal

There was also a chance to be photobombed by Pikachu wearing a detective hat.

Pikachu detective
Icon Electric

The following Raid Bosses were available for a time of this event:

Egg Raid Normal 1st Tier
Shiny Pokémon
Psyduck shiny
#054 Psyduck
Icon Water
Boss CP 3,519 CP
Max capture CP 632 CP 790 CP
Shiny Pokémon
Cubone shiny
#104 Cubone
Icon Ground
Boss CP 3,243 CP
Max capture CP 582 CP 728 CP
Shiny Pokémon
Snubbull shiny
#209 Snubbull
Icon Fairy
Boss CP 3,723 CP
Max capture CP 707 CP 884 CP
Shiny Pokémon
Lotad shiny
#270 Lotad
Icon Water | Icon Grass
Boss CP 2,020 CP
Max capture CP 342 CP 427 CP
Shiny Pokémon
Shinx shiny
#403 Shinx
Icon Electric
Boss CP 2,873 CP
Max capture CP 500 CP 625 CP
Egg Raid Normal 2nd Tier
Exeggutor alolan
#103 Exeggutor
Icon Grass | Icon Dragon
Boss CP 19,053 CP
Max capture CP 1,722 CP 2,153 CP
#108 Lickitung
Icon Normal
Boss CP 14,386 CP
Max capture CP 806 CP 1,008 CP
Shiny Pokémon
Aipom shiny
#190 Aipom
Icon Normal
Boss CP 7,219 CP
Max capture CP 770 CP 963 CP
#224 Octillery
Icon Water
Boss CP 11,233 CP
Max capture CP 1,322 CP 1,653 CP
Shiny Pokémon
Mawile shiny
#303 Mawile
Icon Steel | Icon Fairy
Boss CP 9,008 CP
Max capture CP 934 CP 1,167 CP
Egg Raid Rare 3rd Tier
Shiny Pokémon
Raichu alolan
Raichu alolan shiny
#026 Raichu
Icon Electric | Icon Psychic
Boss CP 16,848 CP
Max capture CP 1,306 CP 1,633 CP
#059 Arcanine
Icon Fire
Boss CP 19,534 CP
Max capture CP 1,731 CP 2,164 CP
#068 Machamp
Icon Fighting
Boss CP 19,707 CP
Max capture CP 1,746 CP 2,183 CP
#094 Gengar
Icon Ghost | Icon Poison
Boss CP 21,207 CP
Max capture CP 1,644 CP 2,055 CP
#136 Flareon
Icon Fire
Boss CP 21,811 CP
Max capture CP 1,730 CP 2,163 CP
Egg Raid Rare 4th Tier
#006 Charizard
Icon Fire | Icon Flying
Boss CP 30,958 CP
Max capture CP 1,651 CP 2,064 CP
Shiny Pokémon
Marowak alolan
Marowak alolan shiny
#105 Marowak
Icon Fire | Icon Ghost
Boss CP 13,525 CP
Max capture CP 1,048 CP 1,311 CP
#143 Snorlax
Icon Normal
Boss CP 26,380 CP
Max capture CP 1,843 CP 2,304 CP
#248 Tyranitar
Icon Rock | Icon Dark
Boss CP 37,599 CP
Max capture CP 2,191 CP 2,739 CP

Field Research event tasks

TodayView Icon Research Field Research tasks

There were several Field Research tasks exclusively for the duration of the event. These tasks had vague description referencing to the movie.

Catch the Seed Pokémon that is seen walking in a river
Catch the Water-type Pokémon carried in a backpack
Catch the Fire-type evolution of Eevee

Avatar Items

These avatar items were released with the beginning of the event:

Hat Detective Pikachu
Detective Pikachu Hat
(male and female)
Shirt Detective Pikachu
Detective Pikachu Shirt
(male and female)

Promotional video


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