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Candy is a consumable, Pokémon family-related resource that can be used to strengthen Pokémon. Candy is acquired by various ways such as capturing Pokémon (3 for first evolution form, 5 for second evolution form, 10 for third evolution form), or hatching eggs (various amounts). One can double the amount of candies one gets by giving the Pokémon a Pinap Berry before catching it.


Pokémon power up

Candies are used to power up Pokémon up to level 40, which may cost from 1 to 15 pieces of candy, depending on what level certain Pokémon is.

Pokémon evolution

Candies can be also used to evolve Pokémon that are capable of evolving. Evolving a Pokemon can cost 12, 25, 50, 100, 200, or 400 pieces of candy.

Second Charged Attack unlock

Candies can be also used to unlock the second Charged Attack of Pokémon with more than one Charged Attack. Unlock cost can be 25, 50, 75, or 100 pieces of candy.


Candies are necessary to purify Shadow Pokémon left by Team GO Rocket. Purification cost can be 1, 3, 5, or 20 pieces of candy.


The type of Candy the player receives is specific to the Pokémon. There are several ways to obtain candy for each Pokémon:

  • Catching Pokémon – depends on stage of Pokémon evolution:
    • 1st stage form of Pokémon evolution – 3 Candies
    • 2nd stage form of Pokémon evolution – 5 Candies
    • 3rd stage form of Pokémon evolution – 10 Candies
    • double Candy count if the Pokemon was fed with a Pinap Berry
  • Hatching Pokémon Egg – depends on type of egg:
    • 2-km Eggs – 5 to 15 Candies
    • 5- and 7-km Eggs – 10 to 21 Candies
    • 10-km and 12-km Eggs – 16 to 32 Candies
  • Transfer of Pokémon – gives back 1 Candy
  • evolving a Pokémon – gives back 1 Candy, even if Pokémon was evolved for no Candy with Trade Discount
  • using Rare Candy – a 1 Candy for a 1 Rare Candy
  • from Buddy Pokémon mechanic
  • feeding berries to a Pokémon at a gym – extremely rarely
  • trading Pokémon – depends on distance:
    • Pokémon caught below 10-km apart from each other – 1 Candy
    • Pokémon caught from 10- to 100-km apart from each other – 2 Candies
    • Pokémon caught above 100-km apart from each other – 3 Candies


Each evolutionary line has its own candy type. Each one represents the base form and is identified by its primary and secondary colors.

Candy XL

Candy XL was introduced with GO Beyond, as Pokémon can also reach level 50 like Trainer.[1] Candy XL is unlocked after Trainer reaches level 31. It is only visible in Pokémon summary page once Trainer has obtained at least one Candy XL of that Pokémon.

Candy XL is consumed instead of regular Candy to power up Pokémon above level 40. It is also family-specific. 100 regular Candy can be converted into a single Candy XL. There are other ways to obtain Candy XL, but all of them occur randomly.

  • Catching and transferring Pokémon can give 1 to 3 Candy XL. The higher the Pokémon level, the higher chance to receive more Candy XL.
  • Hatching Pokémon
  • Trading Pokémon. The chance of receiving a Candy XL will increase the greater the distance between Pokémon catch locations are.
  • Walking with Buddy Pokémon

Similarity, each Candy XL shares the same color combination as their regular version. An item called Rare Candy XL functions like Rare Candy.