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Bronzong is a Steel, Psychic-type Pokémon from the Sinnoh region. It evolves from Bronzor after being fed 50 candies.

Pokédex description

Bronzong - Bronze Bell Pokémon
Ancient people believed that petitioning Bronzong for rain was the way to make crops grow.

Possible attacks

Fast attacks

Icon Psychic 20 (13)
Icon Dark 10 (11)

Charged attacks

Icon Steel
100 (37)
Icon Steel
70 (33)
Icon Psychic
100 (36)

Evolution family

Bronzong is the part of a two-member family.

222. Bronzor
#436 Bronzor
50 Bronzor candy
#437 Bronzong



  • Bronzong was released with the start of Holiday event on December 18th, 2018.
  • In the wild, maximum capture CP of Bronzong is 1,919, however it can reach 2,079, if encountered Pokémon is boosted by current weather.
  • Shiny form of Bronzong was released with the beginning of the Extraordinary Raid Week on May 21st, 2019.

External links

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  • Bronzong article, on the Pokémon Wiki
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