Battle Minigames are a feature during Trainer Battles in Pokémon GO. When a Trainer uses a Charged Attack animated Type icons appear on their screen. By swiping or tapping as many icons as they appear, the attack will become more effective. Different types have different patterns in which the icons appear.

List of patterns by Type

Type Pattern
Icon Bug Bug Icons enter from the right and exit to the left in a wave pattern.
Icon Dark Dark Arcs of 4 icons in 8 waves, centering on the Pokémon.
Icon Dragon Dragon Circular packets of 5 icons falling from top left to bottom right in 7 waves (accompanied by Draco Meteor animation).
Icon Electric Electric Icons falling from above in a zigzag pattern.
Icon Fairy Fairy Icons appearing in sequence in a big circular pattern.
Icon Fighting Fighting Icons randomly appear broadly near the middle of the screen.
Icon Fire Fire Icons appear from the bottom and rising in a column.
Icon Flying Flying Icons blown in from the right and to the left in a wave pattern. Similar to Bug, but with a larger wave magnitude.
Icon Ghost Ghost Icons rise from beneath in a 2-3-2-3 etc. pattern.
Icon Grass Grass Icons blown in from the left and to the right in a wave pattern, similar to Flying but opposite direction.
Icon Ground Ground Icons briefly pop up from beneath before falling back down, going back and forth from left to right.
Icon Ice Ice 4 icons in a row "snow" down from above in 8 waves.
Icon Normal Normal Clusters of 5 icons bursting in various spots of the screen.
Icon Poison Poison Icons "bubble" up from lower-middle screen with limited movement.
Icon Psychic Psychic Icons forming a spiral like the shape on the icon itself.
Icon Rock Rock 8 waves of 4 icons similar to Ice, but from top left to bottom right.
Icon Steel Steel Diagonal line of 4 icons appear in the middle, with 6 waves.
Icon Water Water Icons "rain" down from the top right corner towards the bottom left corner.


  • This feature first became variable in version 0.149.0. It was officially released on July 19th, 2019.
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