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Autumn Event, also called The Seasons Change was an event series, that revolved around the start of Autumn on North Hemisphere. The first part revolved around autumnal theme and Berries, while the second part of the event featured return of Team GO Rocket Leaders Special Research series and introduced a 12-km Eggs kind.[1][2]


Following events were a part of Autumn Event series:

Name and date Features
The Seasons Change: Part 1
Oct 9th - 12th
Autumn Event.jpg
4× Incubator efficiency

2x Berry Treat Effectiveness
2x Candy from Pinap Berry
Increased Berries from PokéStops
Autumn-themed Pokémon spawn increased
Autumn-themed Pokémon in 7-km Eggs
Autumn Deerling release
Shiny Vulpix release
Themed Research tasks
Themed Timed Research

The Seasons Change: Part 2
Oct 12th - 19th
Seasons Change Part 2.jpg
4× Incubator efficiency

Team GO Rocket and balloons appearing more often
Sandile, Pawniard and Vullaby release
Dark- and Poison-type Pokémon spawn increased
Dark- and Poison-type Pokémon in 12-km Eggs
Dark- and Poison-type Pokémon in Raid Battles
Special Research available
Special Photobomb