Adventure Week in 2017 was the first Adventure Week event in Pokémon GO.


TodayView Icon Walking 0.25× Buddy distance
TodayView Icon PokemonEncounter Fossil Pokémon spawn increased
TodayView Icon Walking New avatar item

During this event, more items were awarded from every PokéStop, and Poké Balls were 50% off in the in-game Shop.[1]

Featured Pokémon

TodayView Icon PokemonEncounter Pokémon in wild

Rock-type Pokémon, known in the player community as the "Fossil Pokémon", would have increased spawn rates in the wild (and from Incense, Lure Module).

Icon Rock   Icon Water
Icon Rock   Icon Water
Icon Rock   Icon Water
Icon Rock   Icon Water
Icon Rock   Icon Flying

Avatar items

These avatar items would be released with the beginning of the event:

Hat adventure
Expedition Hat
(male and female)


  • Niantic mentioned few statistics:
    • Back in December, 2016, Trainers collectively walked past the equivalent distance of Earth to Pluto.[1]
    • As of May 11th, 2017, the Pokémon GO community has traveled more than 15.8 billion kilometers. [1]


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