The 2nd Anniversary was an event that began on July 5th, 2018, to celebrates the second Anniversary of Pokémon GO. This event coincides with the Pokémon GO Fest and Global Challenge events.


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Featured Pokémon

During this anniversary, Trainers were able to capture limited edition Pikachu wearing summer hat and sunglasses. Pichu hatched from Eggs obtained during the time of this event also had this costume as well. [1]

Pikachu summer
Icon Electric
Raichu summer
Icon Electric
Pichu summer
Icon Electric

Avatar items

These avatar items were made available at the start of the event.

Shop special offer

TodayView Icon Shop Special shop offers

Just like year ago, there was a special anniversary box offer in the shop for time of the event.[2]

Gold Box
Special Box
PokeCoin 480



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