Sighting Grass

Sighting grass icon, no longer in use when around pokestops

The Sightings tab shows which Pokémon are within a 200 meter radius.

Nearby Tab 1

Sightings (Nearby) Tab

All the nearby Pokémon are shown in relation to pokéstops near the player. The same type of Pokémon are grouped together. For example, instead of showing multiple Rattatas in the area, there is only one Rattata icon in the locator. If the Sightings tab is empty, players can open it and tap the "No sightings yet" message to force refresh the list.

UpdatesSửa đổi

This tab was previously known as Nearby. This was changed with the update to version 0.33. Nearby became the name of the beta tracker system[1], only available to select users.

There used to be footsteps which showed a trainer's proximity to the Pokémon, but that was removed in the 0.31.

After the Nov. 22, 2016 update, The Nearby tracker uses the closest Pokéstops within the trainer's virtual view. [2]

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