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Medals are achievements that Trainers receive for doing several tasks.

LevelsSửa đổi

They have 3 different levels with various requirements on how many times a task needs to be performed.

Bronze Silver Gold
Bronze Medal
Silver Medal
Gold Medal

List of known medalsSửa đổi

Milestone medalsSửa đổi

Medal name Requirement None Bronze Medal Bronze Silver Medal Silver Gold Medal Gold
Jogger Kilometers walked Jogger shadow Jogger Bronze 10 Jogger Silver 100 Jogger Gold 1,000
Kanto Kanto Pokédex Entries Kanto shadow Kanto Bronze 5 Kanto Silver 50 Kanto Gold 100
Collector Pokémon Captured Collector shadow Collector Bronze 30 Collector Silver 500 Collector Gold 2,000
Scientist Pokémon Evolved Scientist shadow Scientist Bronze 3 Scientist Silver 20 Scientist Gold 200
Breeder Eggs Hatched Breeder shadow Breeder Bronze 10 Breeder Silver 100 Breeder Gold 500
Backpacker Pokéstops Visited Backpacker shadow Backpacker Bronze 100 Backpacker Silver 1,000 Backpacker Gold 2,000
Fisherman Big Magikarp Caught (> 1m) Fisher shadow Fisher Bronze 3 Fisher Silver 50 Fisher Gold 300
Battle Girl Gym Battles Won BattleGirl shadow BattleGirl Bronze 10 BattleGirl Silver 100 BattleGirl Gold 1,000
Ace Trainer Training Performed AceTrainer shadow AceTrainer Bronze 10 AceTrainer Silver 100 AceTrainer Gold 1,000
Youngster Caught Rattata (= 1Kg) Youngster shadow Youngster Bronze 3 Youngster Silver 50 Youngster Gold 300
Pikachu fan Pikachu Caught PikachuFan shadow PikachuFan Bronze 3 PikachuFan Silver 50 PikachuFan Gold 300
Johto Johto Pokédex Entries Kanto shadow Kanto Bronze 5 Kanto Silver 30 Kanto Gold 70
Unown Catch Unique Unown Unown shadow Unown Bronze 3 Unown Silver 10 Unown Gold 26
Berry Master Berries Fed at Gyms BerryMaster shadow BerryMaster Bronze 10 BerryMaster Silver 100 BerryMaster Gold 1,000
Gym Leader Hours Defending Gyms GymLeader shadow GymLeader Bronze 10 GymLeader Silver 100 GymLeader Gold 1,000
Champion Win non-Legendary Raid Battles Champion shadow Champion Bronze 10 Champion Silver 100 Champion Gold 1,000
Battle Legend Win Legendary Raid Battles BattleLegend shadow BattleLegend Bronze 10 BattleLegend Silver 100 BattleLegend Gold 1,000
Hoenn Hoenn Pokédex entries Kanto shadow Kanto Bronze 5 Kanto Silver 40 Kanto Gold 90
  • † The Ace Trainer medal was obtainable by training Pokémon in team-owned Gyms. Training was removed during the Gym rework and it's not longer obtainable, however the medal is still present in game—keeping the progress before the Gym rework.

Type medalsSửa đổi

Medal name Requirement None Bronze Medal Bronze Silver Medal Silver Gold Medal Gold
Schoolkid Normal Normal-type Caught Schoolkid shadow Schoolkid Bronze 10 Schoolkid Silver 50 Schoolkid Gold 200
Black Belt Fighting Fighting-type Caught BlackBelt shadow BlackBelt Bronze 10 BlackBelt Silver 50 BlackBelt Gold 200
Bird Keeper Flying Flying-type Caught BirdKeeper shadow BirdKeeper Bronze 10 BirdKeeper Silver 50 BirdKeeper Gold 200
Punk Girl Poison Poison-type Caught PunkGirl shadow PunkGirl Bronze 10 PunkGirl Silver 50 PunkGirl Gold 200
Ruin Maniac Ground Ground-type Caught RuinManiac shadow RuinManiac Bronze 10 RuinManiac Silver 50 RuinManiac Gold 200
Hiker Rock Rock-type Caught Hiker shadow Hiker Bronze 10 Hiker Silver 50 Hiker Gold 200
Bug Catcher Bug Bug-type Caught BugCatcher shadow BugCatcher Bronze 10 BugCatcher Silver 50 BugCatcher Gold 200
Hex Maniac Ghost Ghost-type Caught HexManiac shadow HexManiac Bronze 10 HexManiac Silver 50 HexManiac Gold 200
Depot Agent Steel Steel-type Caught RailStaff shadow RailStaff Bronze 10 RailStaff Silver 50 RailStaff Gold 200
Kindler Fire Fire-type Caught Kindler shadow Kindler Bronze 10 Kindler Silver 50 Kindler Gold 200
Swimmer Water Water-type Caught Swimmer shadow Swimmer Bronze 10 Swimmer Silver 50 Swimmer Gold 200
Gardener Grass Grass-type Caught Gardener shadow Gardener Bronze 10 Gardener Silver 50 Gardener Gold 200
Rocker Electric Electric-type Caught Rocker shadow Rocker Bronze 10 Rocker Silver 50 Rocker Gold 200
Psychic Psychic Psychic-type Caught Psychic shadow Psychic Bronze 10 Psychic Silver 50 Psychic Gold 200
Skier Ice Ice-type Caught Skier shadow Skier Bronze 10 Skier Silver 50 Skier Gold 200
Dragon Tamer Dragon Dragon-type Caught DragonTamer shadow DragonTamer Bronze 10 DragonTamer Silver 50 DragonTamer Gold 200
Delinquent Dark Dark-type Caught Delinquent shadow Delinquent Bronze 10 Delinquent Silver 50 Delinquent Gold 200
Fairy-Tale Girl Fairy Fairy-type Caught FairyTaleGirl shadow FairyTaleGirl Bronze 10 FairyTaleGirl Silver 50 FairyTaleGirl Gold 200

BonusesSửa đổi

Type medals grants you:

  • +1 catch bonus for Bronze Medal Bronze Medal
  • +1 catch bonus for Silver Medal Silver Medal (+2 catch bonus total)
  • +1 catch bonus for Gold Medal Gold Medal (+3 catch bonus total)

This counts only for capturing Pokémon with type corresponding to the medal. (The Dragon Tamer medal grants a bonus for catching Dragon Dragon-type Pokémon etc.) If a Pokémon has two types, the game will average the catch bonus you have for those two types.

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