Legacy Pokémon are Pokémon that possess certain moves that are no longer available for that specific Pokémon due to updates. This means it is no longer possible to capture or evolve that Pokémon with that move. Many players consider them rare and they might become quite valuable for trading when this feature is enabled in the game.

Below is the list of known Legacy Pokémon and the moves they have.

Pokédex # Pokémon Move
039 Jigglypuff Play Rough
042 Golbat Ominous Wind
050 Diglett Mud Shot
051 Dugtrio Mud Shot
062 Poliwhirl Scald
075 Graveler Mud Shot
076 Golem Mud Shot
086 Seel Water Gun
088 Grimer Acid
089 Muk Acid
094 Gengar Sludge Wave
103 Exeggutor Zen Headbutt or Confusion
106 Hitmonlee Stomp
109 Koffing Acid
110 Weezing Acid
113 Chansey Psybeam
120 Staryu Quick Attack
121 Starmie Quick Attack and/or Psybeam
124 Jynx Pound and/or Ice Punch
130 Gyarados Dragon Breath
132 Ditto Pound
137 Porygon Quick Attack
139 Omastar Rock Throw