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Un lugar para luchar contra otros Pokémon

Un Gimnasio es un lugar para luchar contra otros Pokémon. Puedes ser reclamados por los jugadores para sus Equipos y ser protegidos por Pokémon.

Los jugadores no pueden interaccionar con los Gimnasios hasta que alcancen el nivel 5, tras lo cual tendrán que unirse a alguno de los tres Equipos del juego. Una vez que lo ha elegido, será capaz de usar los Gimnasios que estén a su alcance.


Los gimnasios se dividen en tres tipos:

  • Gimnasio amigo: son aquellos que pertenecen a tu Equipo y puedes asignar a uno de tus Pokémon para que los protejan de enemigos.
  • Gimnasio rival: son aquellos que pertenecen a otros Equipos y puedes usar tus Pokémon para luchar contra los que estén protegiéndolo y convertirlo en un Gimnasio abierto.
  • Gimnasio abierto: son aquellos que no han sido reclamados por ningún Equipo. Asigna un Pokémon para reclamarlo.

Nivel de Gimnasio[]

The Gyms' levels are based on the amount of Prestige they have, and can only hold one Pokémon for every level. If a Gym on a Trainer's team has a high enough level to hold more Pokémon than it currently holds, that Trainer may put one of their Pokémon into the Gym, assuming they don't already have one assigned there. The highest level for a Gym is 10, with a capacity for ten different Trainers' Pokémon.

If the Gym is owned by a Trainer's team, then they may train there by battling the Gym's Pokémon to increase the Gym's Prestige. The Pokémon are displayed and fought in order of lowest to highest CP scores with the Trainer's selected six Pokémon. Prestige is awarded as each defending Pokémon is beaten, with the amount of Prestige being based on the highest CP in the Trainer's party of six and the CP of the defeated Pokémon. The maximum amount of 1000 Prestige is awarded when a Pokémon is defeated using a party who's CPs are less than half that of the defender. The Pokémon with the highest CP assigned becomes the Gym Leader, and is displayed on the Gym's top. In addition to adding defense, each Pokémon added to a Gym awards it 2,000 Prestige for leveling. When a Pokémon is assigned to a Gym, the owner will not gain the use of the Pokémon or any customization of it until it is kicked out of the Gym. There is no other way to regain use of that Pokémon. Pokémon can also display a "Battles Won: X" number that shows how many times that specific Pokémon has stopped an attacker.

Trainers can attack rival Gyms to reduce that Gym's level. While attacking, a trainer can bring a party of six Pokémon with them that they can switch between freely. Pokémon defeated while attacking a rival Gym or training a friendly Gym faint, needing a Revive before they can be used again. After a Trainer wins battles against the Gym, its Prestige will be lowered. If this results in a loss of a level, the lowest slot for a Pokémon is removed. If a Pokémon is in that slot, then it faints and is returned to its Trainer. Once the Gym Leader is removed from the Gym, it becomes empty again and any team may claim it, however there is a short window in which only Trainers who defeated it may claim it.


El prestigio que se requiere para cada nivel de Gimnasio se muestra a continuación. El nivel 10 es el máximo que un Gimnasio puede alcanzar.

Nivel Prestigio
1 0
2 2.000
3 4.000
4 8.000
5 12.000
6 16.000
7 20.000
8 30.000
9 40.000
10 50.000


Artículo principal: Batalla

To fight, you have to go to a gym that is claimed by a competing team. You can also fight a pokémon of your team to train it. To claim a gym, you have to lower the prestige by winning against the stationed pokémon.


Trainers who have their Pokémon in a Gym get a reward other than glory for having control of a Gym. In the Shop, there is a button at the top right that displays a shield and a number inside of it. The number will display the amount of Pokémon you have defending Gyms, and can be tapped once every 21 hours to collect Pokécoins and Stardust. This is currently the only way to obtain Pokécoins other than purchasing them. You can control more gyms, but the maximum for collecting rewards is 10 gyms, which equals 5000 Stardust and 100 Coins.